Thanks to a great night in Lansing with some great friends (Hi, Ryan and Amanda!), my food blog is finally coming to fruition!

I  have been thinking about starting a food blog for years and religiously read all of the best ones out there. My hang up on starting one  was a lack of a good name. I wanted something that was creative, but it had to speak to me. It needed to represent a bit of the adventure that Brian and I have been on for the past eight months; packing up and leaving everything that we knew in Michigan and heading to a place where I only wore my wool coat once this winter. We are so lucky to be living in a climate that is  temperate. I never once had to scrape ice off the windshield or kick iced up chunks of snow and salt off the wheel wells of the car. The beach is beyond beautiful and the fresh seafood is so tempting, it is hard not to cook shrimp every night.

Thankfully, Ryan was able to come up with something that was everything that I was looking for, Thanks so much!

Mostly this will just be a place for me to document my cooking in Panama City, a place where grocery stores are open from only 7 am til 10 pm,  lacking good produce and any seemingly ethnic ingredients. I am constantly trying to cook and eat healthier for the both of us, but you will see a few baked goods sneak in for office or school treats.